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4th June 2005

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9:14pm: hmm

The Keys to Your Heart

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Current Mood: awake

9th May 2005

4:42pm: at home + sick!
I got my period last night, I have the flu - sore throat!, Tired, but if I sleep anymore I'll get over tired. I am writing in lj probably coz I saw Oprah and all the soaps and have nothing else to do! nor the energy to do anything exciting. Oh well I can't have another day off so back to work tomorrow. in fact i am missing my job today i keep thinking well, the kiddies will be doing this at such and such a time, then i'm not there to see the new roster either. oh well the best part of the roster is that i am now doing 9 to 5.30 Mon, Tues, Wednes, Fri rather than diff start times each day!, now i am the permanent closing teacher. its good. all very good.

4th May 2005

9:12pm: neurologist not brain doctor.

3rd May 2005

7:59pm: everyday is going my way at the moment! and I am counting my blessings!
Work at my new job is going incredibly well, I enjoy going to work everyday! There are more pro's than con's!!!

Tomorrow I am going to the hospital for a BRAIN SCAN ? + bascially a visit to the Dr to see how everything is going!!!

Life is good, I am having lunch/coffee with a friend on Thursday which is my day off!, I planto go and join the gym too!

I guess really I kind of felt that I had to obliate towards lj, which so doesnt make any sense and make a post but I don'treally feel that it is necessary!

I guess I am more exciting things to do

17th April 2005

7:45pm: We have a new stove.
Although I was meant to start a new full time job it wasn't so I am a reliever at the early childhood centre, so I am on the look out for something for permanent! with the older kiddies, it looks promising I visit another centre tomorrow and may have another job interview later in the week.

I have re-discovered how great The Body Shop is! so lovely.

I really just want to work somewhere that I can look forward to getting up every morning and know I am being respected as part of a teaching team at an early childhood centre. Also I want to be earning money so I can get nice new things for myself and get out this rut of being a poor student!
Current Mood: contemplative

14th April 2005

3:59pm: {none}
I had a upset tummy this morning so i only worked from 8am to 1.30pm.

I am looking for other work too: as it isnt really working out where i work at the moment particularly since it is with an age group whic requires a little more experience with!...

none the less my job hunt is eventful - including being given the tummy bug!

its my folks 15th wedding annv. today! ... they plan to go out for dinner tonight, i might join them dependant on my tummy.

4th April 2005

8:54pm: my work!
I am in love with my work it is great!

this week I am observing and floating
Monday 9.30 to 4.30
Tuesday 8.00 to 12.30
Wednesday 12.00 to 7pm (5pm to 7pm staff meeting)
Thursday OFF
Friday 8.30 to 5.30

as of 11th April I will probably work
Monday 8.30 to 5.30
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8.30 to 5.30

So I will have Tuesdays off! along with the weekends.
Current Mood: hopeful

3rd April 2005

3:27pm: me! me! me! me! me!, me too!
I got a job I start on 11th of April, I am stoked.

life is looking great for me - I am living in this great apartment/warehouse with my own space. I have a good reliable car, a NEW job, close to shops, cafes, friends, to LIFE!!!, down to one coffee a day, start excerise ina week or two just trying to decide on a gym! ...

I'm in BLISS.
Current Mood: accomplished

28th March 2005

2:29pm: (none)
I haven't written in here for ages about anything amazing, well I guess my life hasn't been. I got quite sick a few weeks back and I have had to defer my post graduate studies for a couple of years and so I am getting out into the real world to work! argh.... I can't wait to have money and to have free weekends!!! I am going to start yoga; I am going to do a bit of painting; start reading - novels etc which I could never do with all my text books!! arghhhhhh.

At the moment I am not interested in being on the computer!

Current Mood: sleepy

16th March 2005

9:01pm: january baby!
Take the quiz: "What does your birth month reveal about you?"

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This is too close for comfort! it is a tad scary!
2:42pm: update!
changes can happen with a blink of an eye! and it did for me, I feel quite good!
Current Mood: calm

25th February 2005

4:43pm: moving.
two weeks ago mum and dad bought a converted warehouse apartment in Albany (North Shore City). I move in on Sunday I am excited. We get to decorate and up-date some of the surfaces. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study space, balcony, court yard. it rocks. best of all it is 5 minutes from uni, 2 mintues from the school i teach at 2 days a week. it is perfect its so central to the city. one street away is pubs, cafes, etc ...

did i say it rocks.
Current Mood: ecstatic

20th February 2005

11:11am: snowpatrol.
snowpatrol, theyre great, take time to listen to them carefully.

in other news and happenings: today i have lost all enthusiasm(sp?) to study.

The 2 most unusual movies I have seen in the last month on cable have been:
The Secretary.
The Good Girl.

they both were very strange.

by the way:
The O.C has returned to telly, therefore I no-longer go out on friday nights with friends, i am so selfish and immature when it comes to the O.C I am a sad 21 y.old! ... and McLeods Daughters has also returned onto mid-week telly. I started watching other programmes but now that my fave's have come back I am content!

since we are moving south, close the the city: im choosing colours for my feature walls.
Current Mood: lazy

12th February 2005

9:55pm: my weekend.
this weekend, is buzy.

i went for a drive, bought more stationary for uni, visited a friend, then came back to town, went to the chemist, had lunch at the cafe with another friend, that friend gave me a lift home, then we sat and chatted, talked interiors, clothes, news etc the ususual stuff, then i hang out with my folks, went through my stationary and labelled everything, listened to SNOWPATROL, came out and opened a bottle of red wine, made myself marmite and crackers, watched some telly, ate dinner it was a quiche, watched more telly, started to watch a movie - which sucked!, came online and i think i might go to bed.

tomorrow - will have a full day of uni stuff...
Current Mood: hopeful

8th February 2005

10:22pm: happenings!!!
good things are happening!

.peace out to all.
Current Mood: ecstatic

6th February 2005

2:30pm: ...
i never know what so to say the subject box!

yesterday was great!
Current Mood: blah

28th January 2005

9:48pm: im 21!!!

You Are 23 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Although this states that I am much like a 23 y. old theyre not far off. I turned 21 just recently.

In other news. I have been posted at a school quite close to uni. I am really looking forward to starting work at the school I will be with the year 3's (7 y. olds). So this week I work full time in the classroom with the other teacher and then from then on for the rest of the term I will be at uni Monday, Tuesday and Friday and School on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I found out the other day I will start off on $47k * fabulous * in 2006!
Current Mood: uncomfortable

25th January 2005

10:25pm: me.
I feel a great 'sense of self' today and lately too!
Current Mood: calm

11th January 2005

8:36pm: ...
I am now a Post Graduate Student at Massey University in Albany, Auckland.
Current Mood: optimistic

6th January 2005

11:11pm: it is late, very late indeed!!!
I should be in bed a sleep, blissfully unaware of the world and what chaos is happening but NO!!! that is not the case, I am AWAKE! eyes wide open ...

Current Mood: awake

2nd January 2005

4:59pm: I changed my room today!
I had to change my room today. It feels good to changethe room around and the accessories once and a while!

I so want to fly over to Asia and help! - do anything.... I feel so helpless here living amongst my comforts and family when I know so many are struggling Mum made a family donation to the Red Cross on Friday which her work are helping facilitate which is great for every donation made the bank is matching that donation!
Current Mood: determined

28th December 2004

4:51pm: i need a job!
i need to work. i want to work!. i must get a job.

i have had the last 40 something days off since i finished uni. i have a pplied for maybe 5 jobs - each of which have either been taken by another teacher, no-longer are advertising because the position has been fulled within the centre, or they have required an immediate start from me which i can not give especially since i would have to move and arrange accommodation etc ... so ....

now i am looking for local work within the warkworth township that will let me pay off some debt and just get me to graduation until i no what is happening whether i will have already started study at uni in january/february or if i am working part time before i head off to Sunny QLD!
Current Mood: contemplative

27th December 2004

2:55pm: I am ANYTHING but!!! ...
You are classic Rock "N" Roll journalist Nick Kent. You live your life to excess and live for the beat of the music. I love you!!!
Nick Kent

What classically cool poet or writer are you?
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p.s I tried on a pair of shorts (3/4 length, Aztec Rose Green shorts) that I haven't been able to fit properly in recent months and now I can ... I feel so Fabulous... this stuff about weight etc ... I think Im on the right path ... I went for another walk this morning I came back refreshed! - I am gaining more motivation again!
Current Mood: happy

23rd December 2004

4:28pm: festive season.
christmas cheers to everyone!

me- well i have been applying for work etc nothing yet - but i am being incredibly picky! over pay, hours, professional development all kinds of stuff! etc related to teaching mean while i have also filled out the necessary forms relating to post graduate study! - which i must say i am more eager to do than go out and work- as i have realised in the last month that in fact i may not want to teach in early childhood but with new entrants to year 3 (5 to 8 year olds)....

so mean while i do the house work for my folks, vaccum, wash floors, clean the bathroom/loo, polish or dust furniture, do the dishes, cook dinner most nights during the week, wash the clothes, linen etc im basically their maid, its good though im able to think, contemplate, go to town when i want to ...

i saw bridget jones' yesterday with mum, it was fun then on sky movies last night i saw sweet home alabama - so funny each time i see it i laugh even more! - i just love the gushy romatic crap out there!

i collasped in the shower last friday!... it was my diabetes - nothing major but i have ended up ordering a home testing kit for my sugar levels, whilst at the doctors they weighed me and i have lost 10kg's and continue to but i must pay more attention to exercise and i am letting my eating habits slip at the moment which i shouldn't be doing - naughty me!

have a great christmas everyone!
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